Monday, 25 March 2019

Week 8, Term 1

Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend.

What's On This Week?
School photos this Friday, 29th March.

The Eisteddfod Assembly will be held on the Thursday afternoon, Week 10. For parents new to the school, the Eisteddfod is held at the end of each term.
The first term is a Scripture reading (or prayer for Year 1 and 2s), then in the other terms, the children do a poem, song and speech. There is an Eisteddfod Cup for Y1/2 at the end of the year, awarded to the child who has gained the most points in all 4 items.

At the beginning of Week 10, each child says a short prayer to the class which they have memorised. Parents help them practise at home beforehand. You can help them choose a prayer, or if you let us know, we will find them a suitable prayer. (The prayer only needs to be 2-4 lines long). Points are awarded on clarity of voice, appropriate volume and choice of prayer. The top 4-6 children are then chosen to present their prayer at the Eisteddfod Assembly on the Thursday.

Have a great week,

Sue and Julie

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Colour Your Day Friday

On Friday we will join lots of other schools throughout NZ and remember those who lost their lives tragically last Friday. Wear bright clothing (red is the least culturally appropriate colour from the perspective of the Muslim community). Please bring a gold coin donation.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Week 7, Term 1

Hi everyone

Following the tragic events in Christchurch, Monday morning prayer will be a little different this week with a prayer liturgy in the Church.  Parents are very welcome to attend.

Wednesday - School Mass - Room 1

Details for:

The school triathlon is happening on Thursday 21st March from 12:30-2:30pm. We will be starting the first race at approx. 12.40pm. Please check your children’s bikes and that their helmets fit properly over the next few days.

VOLUNTEER HELP: If you are able to help with course marshalling please email Mr Yeoman ( asap . It is important that we have plenty of parents around the course to ensure all children are safe at all times and of course to support the children. The more helpers we have the better and safer the race is for everyone.

CLOTHING: -Please be sure to come to school in the correct clothing:
-Years 5 – 8: School sports uniform and track suit
-Years 1 – 4. School sports uniform and green trackpants/warm clothes. -
School sunhats are compulsory, so be sure to have yours at school.

TIMETABLE: -Lunch will be at 11:30.
-We will all be leaving school at 12.10pm.
-Years 5 – 8 will ride their bikes to the pool with Mrs Lyon and Mrs Wright
-Years 1-4 will travel by bus, their bikes will need to be dropped directly to the pool at 12:15.
NOTE this is year groups not room numbers.

-There will be an event briefing at 12:30 with the first race starting at 12.40pm.
-Every child will be competing in the triathlon in the following age groups and in this order:
Yr 5-8 Competitive (Yr 5&6 first, then Yr 7&8)
Yr 1&2 Yr 3&4 Yr 5-8 Non-Competitive

TRANSITIONS: There will be marshals at each of the Transitions, Mrs Beilby & Mrs Lyon at the run/bike and Mrs Flannery inside the pool.

We ask that parents please stay out of the transition areas, there will be help available to your children if they need it. It would be helpful though to have parents remove bikes as soon as possible from the area.

POOL ENTRY: Children may only access the pool through the rear doors. This is the understanding that we have within our pool hire agreement. All parents must use the normal pool entrance and stay clear of the rear doors. PICK UP: Children and bikes are to be picked up from the pool after the event at approx. 2.30-2.45pm please. Any bus children will be brought back to school by staff.


We are looking for new class reps for:
Room 6
Room 7
Room 3

What is a Class Rep?
A Class Rep is a parent from your child’s class who has contact details for all other parents in that room, for the purpose of sharing information that is generally related to that class only.  This comes in handy when there are last-minute notifications (such as a cancelled sports event) or when the teacher has a special request for supplies or materials for one reason or another and needs this communicated quickly.
Parents on the receiving end of the texts have found this extremely helpful over the course of the past couple of years, and the job is not too onerous as it is less than once a week that your help would be required, generally speaking.
If you are a parent in one of these rooms and think you could manage this task throughout the year, please let Jen McLean know at 021 2700 760.  We will then set you up with the contact details for each parent and get you up and running. 

Have a good week,

Sue and Julie

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Week 6, Term 1

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your support with our trip last week.  It was a shame the actual tent experience had to be cancelled, but we had a wonderful day on the Friday and there were lots of happy faces.

This week is a much quieter week at school.

The  School triathlon is on the 21 March from 12.00 - 2,30pm.  We are running each day at school in preparation for this.

Also, for our Lenten focus, we are looking at the lives of children in South Sudan.  The children are learning how lucky they are in comparison.  We have a Caritas donation box on our Lenten prayer table, and if possible, it would be great if children could do some chores at home to earn a little money that they could put in the box to donate to South Sudan.

Have a great week,

Sue and Julie

Monday, 4 March 2019

Week 5, Term 1


We've arrived at Week 5, which is of course is Junior Camp on Thursday evening and Friday.

If you have said you had a tent available, we would appreciate you bringing this to school on Thursday.

We have been busy sorting out where children will be sleeping, and a notice will be coming home tomorrow with this information. There will also be a fish and chip order form so please return this to school by Wednesday 6th March.

So you are able to sort out your Friday, these are the parent helpers for the Day session.
We please ask that you can sort out transport to each activity, as we do not have enough room on the bus for all parent helpers.

Room 7 Helpers
Chris Campbell
Nathan McLean
Shane Samuel

Room 3 Helpers
Kirsty Anderson
Rebecca Cowley
Rachel Baxter
Vania Smith
Kiri Mulholland
Jen Bedford

Room 4 Helpers

Helen Ryan
Vanessa Breen
Christine Lanham
Christina Tyrell
Claire Cockburn
Heather Breen
Below are the details for the camp: 

St Gerard’s School
Children to be dropped off at 5.30pm at St Gerard’s, on Thursday 7th March.
Parents to help erect the tents on school field before leaving. (Only parent helpers to stay.)
A fish and chip tea will be provided. There will be a choice of fish,  hot dogs or donuts.
Please bring baking and bread to school.
Play in the playground. (Both to be supervised)
Technology (boat making) in classrooms. Please bring suitable materials for making boats.
Ice Cream
Preparing breakfast together.
Pack bags and pack up tents.

Children and teachers will travel via bus and parent helpers will be travelling in their own vehicles. We will leave school at 9.30am and bus to Lionel Day’s train ride in Earnscleugh.  
Bus to the Crayfish Farm on Dunstan Road at approximately 11.00am for tour, boat races and lunch.
Leave farm at 1.00pm for Monte Christo, for play and fruit ice cream.
St Gerards
Leave Monte Christo at approximately 2.30pm and return to school by 2.45pm.

The gear list for camp Thursday evening 7th March is as follows:

Room 7 – a loaf of bread or a spread (please let us know which you are bringing - you could just write this on the fish and chip order form.)

  • Filled water bottle
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Stretcher or single airbed
  • Pillow
  • Pyjamas
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste/hairbrush/facecloth
  • Underwear
  • Change of clothing (include shorts in case of hot weather on Friday)
  • Spare backpack for Friday
  • Jacket
  • Sunhat/Sunscreen
  • Utensils – plate – cup
  • Shoes – suitable for outdoor activities
  • Torch

Please remember to send materials for boat building eg plastic containers, bottles, tubes, wood, cork, polystyrene etc We will provide tape and glue guns.
I wonder whose boat will float and which will sink?!

Other things that are on this week:

Wednesday 6th March - Ash Wednesday. Room 5 and 6 will be co-ordinating Mass this week which marks the start of Lent. Lent is a time of Alms giving, and Reflection.

Walk n Wheel Header_2019
Walk n Wheel is an annual week-long event used to "kick start" Active Transport for the school year.
Walk n Wheel aims to:
  • Promote and encourage Active Transport amongst Otago primary, intermediate and college school kids.
  • Get kids, parents and schools thinking about Active Transport.
How Walk n Wheel works:
  • Walk n Wheel Week runs in the first school term of each year with Walk n Wheel week for 2019 taking place from 4 March to 8 March.  During the week kids are encouraged to either walk, bike or scoot to school.
  • Walk n Wheel Day, which takes place in the middle of Walk n Wheel Week, is a day where extra emphasis is placed on Active Transport and schools strive to get as many students and staff as possible to choose an Active Transport option.
  • Each participating school receives resources for the week, such as: posters, stickers, progress cards, classroom charts, and a school prize pack, along with a chance to win many other great prizes.  The higher the percentage of kids that walk or wheel at each school, the greater the chance to win the best prizes.
We will be surveying the children on how they arrived at school on Wednesday. Please walk, bike or scooter with your child if possible.  If you live some distance from school and need to come by car, perhaps you could park a block away and walk to school with your child.

Looking forward to a busy week! 

Sue and Julie

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Week 4 Term 1 2019

Hi everyone

We hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Thank you to those families who supported the School Mass yesterday.

Junior Camp
Please remember to fill in the camp form and return it to school by tomorrow. Also we need to know if there are any parents who can supply a tent for the camp, erect it and take it down.  Thank you to those parents who have returned theirs already.

School Swimming Sports
The swimming sports are this Thursday morning 28th February.  Please drop off your child at the pool at 9.00am.
Children dress in their house colours. (If you are not sure of the colour of your child's house, please ask me or send me an email. If your child has an older brother or sister, then they will be in the same house as them. Brightly coloured clothing is great, but please no crepe paper – this marks the pool surroundings when it gets wet. Please make sure that your child has two towels – one for sitting on and using after races and the other to dry down with at the end of the sports. As it is very hot inside the pool, plenty of water should be packed along with a good sized morning tea. Children will be sitting with their houses.

Timetable: championship and non-championship races will begin as soon after 9 am as possible.
9:00 – 10:00 (approximately) championship & non-championship full length races.
10:15 – 10:30ish break for morning tea
10:15 – 11 Junior school sports in the therapeutic pool.
11 – 12 Completion of championship and non-championship full length races. House relays – plus a lane for teachers and staff. 

Note: Parents of Junior school students wishing to watch their children we suggest you come 10 – 11.
Children will travel back to school after 12 by bus.

Alphabet Books
Thank you for working with your child on their alphabet knowledge. All children are making good progress.

Thank you to those parents who have joined Seesaw - we hope this will be a valuable tool in sharing your child's learning with you.

Have a great week,

Sue and Julie

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Week 3 Term 1 2019

Hi everyone

We hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

This week we have swimming at the pool :

Tuesday 19th Swimming Practice Day

Children in Rooms 3, 4, 6 and 7 are to be dropped at the pool by 8:55am. Please do not go into the pool, wait for your teacher. If you are coming to school by bus and need to be taken to the pool, let your classroom teacher know by Monday, so that transport can be arranged. Rooms 7, 3 & 4 will return to school by bus at 11:10.
We would welcome any parents willing to get into the water  with the children, and to assist with dressing afterwards.

School Swimming Sports

Thank you to the 5 people who have offered help as timekeepers on this day. We are looking for 18, so if you haven’t already made contact we look forward to your help.

Also this Sunday 24 February there is the school Mass and picnic outside at 10.00am at Pioneer Park. Families are to bring a salad or dessert and there will be picnic games before lunch. Children who started school this year will be presented with their Bible at Mass.

You will have noticed that children are bringing home their alphabet books every night. Once letters have 5 ticks more will be added. Remember the children need to name the letter, the picture, and the sound the letter makes.

Thank you to those families that have followed the instructions and joined up to Seesaw. It is a learning curve for the teachers too, but hopefully this will prove to be a valuable link between home and school.

We now have a definite date for our Room 7, 3 and 4 Camp, which is Thursday 7th/Friday 8th March. We are camping overnight at school on the Thursday and doing various activities on the Friday. We will need 4-6 person tents for the overnight camp, parents to help erect these, some parents to stay overnight and/or join us for the activities on Friday. A camp notice will be sent home this week.

This week in Religious Education we are starting to learn about Jesus. There will be an overview pasted in your child's homework book.

Also we are starting a class Prayer Bag this week. Children will have turns bringing the prayer bag home each Thursday and will keep it at home for the week. This is to encourage the children to pray together with their family. There is a sheet of suggestions to help with this inside the bag.

Have a great week,

Sue and Julie